Italian Ren Garb, in a hurry

  So back in… September?  There was this event.  And I decided that by golly I was going to actually finish the garb I’d started making for my husband before my daughter was born.  That’d be… 6 years ago, or so.  So the title of this post is kind of a cheat, because while I was in a hurry, for this I started with something half-made.  And a good thing too.  I should weigh this thing, it’s probably close to 15 lbs.  The body is a full circle, 3 layers of fabric.  It should’ve been two, but the lining fabric I could find in an appropriate color was too thin, so I put a heavier linen in the middle.  “Too thin for what?” I hear you ask in astonishment.  Well, I really liked the brocade I had for the sleeve linings, and was under the crazy impression that they should match in weight.  Each sleeve, by the way, is another half circle, and the whole thing is trimmed in nasty fake fur, because by that time I was fed up.  Here’s the thing about the trim: it has to be curved.  It’s going around a circle, and it’s wide, and it has to match the curve.  Here’s a shot of the inside, or ‘how you make the thing fall correctly in neatish folds.’

  You carefully pin the folds, and then you sew the first half inch of each.  Then you run a tape across and sew the innermost part of each fold to it.  Then it stays all neat when you put it on a person!  In theory.  When they stand very very still.  You may notice from the previous picture that my hems don’t line up properly either.  The fur should go straight across the bottom of sleeve and body alike in one straight line.  To which I say, ‘Ha!  Who has time for that?!’  Maybe someone without two small children.  Maybe not.  The sleeve actually stays up that way, interestingly enough.  This is good, because otherwise my love would be unable to use his hands.

And now we get to the real ‘in a hurry’ stuff!  I like having my kids in garb, but they keep growing!  It’s ridiculous.  So I usually stick with reasonable facsimiles.

  This is my 2 year old boy.  You can tell he’s a boy, because he’s wearing tights with a very short top.  Totally inappropriate for girls. 😉  This is made of the sleeve lining fabric from that last one.  It is also a pleated full circle (plus shoulders), but this one is open at the sides, and lacks inconvenient sleeves.  He’s wearing it over thick tights and a turtleneck, because I couldn’t be bothered.  He’s also wearing his everyday cotton webbing belt, but backwards.   (It goes outside in front, but inside in the back, so you can’t see the buckle.)  If I’d been smart, I’d have paid more attention to making it longer so that he could wear it again, but I was making it out of scraps so that he’d match.  Matching garb is convenient even if it’s not period, because then when the kids wander off, people can easily see who they belong to.  Speaking of matching…

  This is my daughter.  Her sleeves seem to match but are actually from a different fabric altogether.  Her outer dress though, is the same fabric as the monstrosity above.  She’s wearing it over a grey gown which is normally fine by itself, but we were dressing up for this event.  I meant her to wear the grey backwards (since she’s the same shape front and back, being 5) so that the closure wouldn’t show, but I was not thinking straight when I dressed her.  She has a random matching piece of trim tied around her as a belt.  The overdress is just a flat piece of fabric, wide at the bottoms and narrow at the shoulders, with a large V-neck.  It would look nicer if I’d pinned the hem before stitching.  Note to self:  If I’m going to put stuff up on the internet, maybe I should try to be neat every once in a while.

I don’t include mine for two reasons.  First, all I made new for this event was the sleeves.  Second, I would really like to post a picture that I like of my own garb.  There were a lot more pictures to choose from of these guys. 🙂


~ by Elcynae on December 29, 2011.

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