Victorian Rag Fairy

I love costumes.  Costumes are what my brain does when it idles, and what I see when I look at fabric or beads or hats.  I watch people on the sidewalk and see costumes, and I walk into thrift stores and see costumes.

I have a wonderful husband who not only eats anything I cook (and the leftovers too), he’s also willing to wear any costume I make for him, and he’s happy that I make him costumes.  Right now my daughter also feels this way.  I’m sure this will change, when she’s not 4, so I’m taking advantage while I can.

There are two fabrics involved, a stretchy lace and a slightly lacy subtle floral print.  They’re both silly polyester things, but I don’t care so much about fiber content for costumes.  The big thing about this costume was that it was (theoretically) no-sew.  Really.  The underskirt is a circle with a hole in the middle.  The overskirt is a square with a hole in the middle.  The undershirt is a triangle of lace, with a ribbon threaded through near the top point which ties around the neck, and the two bottom points tied behind the back.  The overshirt is a rectangle with a slit halfway up the middle.  The unslit half is the back, the slit half hangs over the shoulders and is pinned in front with a cameo.  The wings are the bit left over on one side of the circle skirt: narrow in the middle, straight across the top, and trailing down to points on the sides.  I gathered the middle together vertically with a scrap of yarn, and tied it to the neck ribbon in back.  It hangs a little low, if she wears it again I’ll fix that.  It turned out that it wasn’t actually no-sew though, because while the fabrics are stretchy, they aren’t stretchy enough to stay at the waist of a little girl with no waist.  So I sewed elastic around the two skirts together, and they still didn’t stay up, but didn’t actually fall off.  She wore brown shorts underneath because she was wearing it to a party on a playground.

  I am so so happy that I found this post.  I wrote it immediately after that first post, and then my computer crashed and I couldn’t find it.  Now I can write other things without this being missing.

This is one of those fabric-dependent costumes, but perhaps the shapes will be useful to someone.


~ by Elcynae on December 28, 2011.

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