American bento

  My daughter started kindergarten this fall.  Suddenly, I had to make portable lunches!  This is complicated by the fact that I’ve tried to teach the kids to pay attention, not just to whether they’re hungry, but also to what they’re hungry for.  So even for a quick mid-morning snack, I have to send in a variety of things, or she might just not eat anything.  So bento is perfect, plus it’s fun.  Fun to make and fun to eat, and it reminds her during snack and lunch time that I care.  This one is tortilla/turkey rolls, carrot slices, cheese, and a small tomato.  I cut a couple of silicone baking cups shorter so they’d fit better.

  I was worried in the beginning that I’d get tired and stop doing nice snacks.  That’s happened a couple of times, but really by the time I got very tired, I was in the habit already.  Here we have carrots, peas, red peppers, and cashews.  I can’t use cashews anymore now that they’re eating with other classes.  Nut restrictions are a problem for me.  Mini cookie cutters, on the other hand, are my best friend.  I have little animals, hearts and flowers, butterflies, a star, and goodness know what else.  Just pack food tightly, and top with anything cut in a shape.

  Some meals are not great for cutting into shapes.  With those, I just make them look neat, and it’s all good.  As a side note, I love the Oneida children’s silverware.  I wish I’d had it when she was first born.  I was worried about sending it to school with her, but to the best of my knowledge, we haven’t lost anything yet.

Ok, just one more, because it’s cute:

Bread and butter, carrots, and red and orange peppers.  And some cookie cutters.  Always the cookie cutters.  Now I’m doing two a day, some days, because she needs lunch and snack.  I admit that I’m not always very original.  But the cheese cow and the ham pig were pretty good.


~ by Elcynae on December 28, 2011.

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